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Cleanup Products every Dog Owner Needs

clean-dogIf are considering getting a dog, or you already have one, then you should make sure that you have the best cleaning products available. Pets are awesome because they offer companionship and are very good at changing your mood, but they require immense discipline and commitment to look after properly.

However, having the right cleaning products can help deal with messy dogs, dogs that are still being trained, or dogs which are shedding. The RSPCA is an effective place to get started, they provide a wealth of great information over there and you can find some great factsheets about the products to go for and avoid.

However, there are so many different products and brands out there it can be hard to know if what you are buying is quality or if it will even do the job advertised. If you are looking into specific types of products, then we can offer some suggestions toward what type of products you should be buying.

Febreeze – Febreeze is a must for any dog owner. It offers complete odour elimination and current dog owners will already know how much of a saviour that could be – especially those with larger dogs! It keeps your home fresh and nice, as well, and is usually on offer somewhere or another.

Glade – Dogs, when sleeping on a carpeted surface, can start to emit an odour from their enhanced body temperatures. With the smell clinging to the floor, it can become really difficult to remove. However, Glade Carpet and Room provides an easy way to remove this smell, it pulls it clean off the carpet. Sprinkle it onto the carpet and vacuum.

Resolve – Resolve have long made great carpet cleaning products, and it offers extremely easy removal and cleaning of “accidents”. Remove as much as you can with paper towels, and then use the cleaner and allow it to set in, then clean it with a wet cloth and once it has dried more, vacuum the area. It easily solves disgusting situations.

Baking Soda – This is a much cheaper alternative, but slightly less effective, version of the Glade Carpet and Room product. It only removes the odour, without adding a pleasant smell. However, you can use baking soda on your pet without causing it any damage when cleaning, to help keep them odour free.

Paper Towels – You need to get strong, absorbant towels so do not go for cheap, weak brands. Spend the little extra on Bounty or the like, and soak up the damage with ease.

Use these products to keep your pet feeling much fresher and your house smelling much better, and the job will become much less of a chore!

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