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Confronting this monstrous giant known as excessive body weight

Confronting this monstrous giant known as excessive body weight

Today one of the biggest problem facing the modern day man is the issue of body weight. Unlike before, people are increasingly accumulating too much unnecessary fat in their bodies. This has numerous negative health effects. Some of the adverse effects of excessive weight include high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart failure, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, stroke, anxiety, depression, cancer, gall bladder diseases erectile dysfunction, infertility, body pain and difficulty in physical movement. Excessive weight is associated with all kinds of causes of death.

There are several reasons why people today are increasingly becoming excessively overweight. A major factor is the food that we feed on today. The food that people take today especially in the developed countries are processed foods. Many processed foods are produced with a focus of making the food more tasty and hence attracting more sales. For example, most of the foods made from flour are made with flour that has all the important roughages and other nutrients filtered from it. This flour contains very little nutrients while the bulk of it contains bad carbohydrates.

These are the foods that make up a huge percentage of our daily diet. These foods usually contain lots of fats, sugar, salt and other additives that are meant to make them tastier. People flock to buy these products and avoid the natural food that is grainy and many times have a bland taste. These tastier processed foods are the foods which eventually make the people fat.

To avoid these foods, people should feed more on whole healthy foods. People should try to have diets that have more of fruits and vegetables rather than the common foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fats. For example, you can opt to have a nicely blended smoothie for lunch instead of having a burger, some pizza, or some French fries.

Another reason that makes people gain excessive weight today is the fact that people are engaging less and less in physical exercises. Our lifestyles today consist of using lifts, driving, and sitting all day in the office or on the sofa watching TV. With such kind of lifestyles, we are not able to use up all the energy that we consume in the starch loaded diets that we constantly feed on.

Apart from observing proper diet, it is also important to ensure that we engage in some physical exercises. Physical exercise will help burn up the extra calories in our meals and therefore the calories will not be converted to fat. Engaging in strenuous exercise while also observing low carb diets will also help burn up the fat in the body.

There are various ways of working out to reduce weight. One could engage in aerobics or weightlifting. Other methods include yoga and martial arts.

Exercising or working out not only helps you to reduce weight but it also makes one fit i.e. it helps one to be able to engage in physical exercises easier and improves the functioning of body systems such as the respiratory system and the circulatory system. Physical exercise also strengthens the heart.

Confronting this monstrous giant known as excessive body weight Credit Picture License: 8 days primal via photopin cc

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