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Drawing Inspiration From Greatness

A great speech is more than just words, it does more than inform us with the content of the sentences coming out of the speaker’s mouth.  A great speech has the power to move us, to change our emotions.  It has the power to bring us from a state of depression and helplessness, to a position of empowerment and motivation.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at these famous speeches in history known for their inspirational power.  These speeches changed the course of history, solely through the will and passion of the orator.  Think how helpful it would be to be able to deliver such a moving speech in your own life, whether you’re in business, education, or entertainment.

If you’re looking for tips on public speaking, these tips from toastmasters are a great start.  Speaking of which, toastmasters is a great organization to get your public speaking started with, if it’s a skill you want to improve.

When I was digging for inspirational historical speeches, I also came across a couple of funny articles on really weird names and a fascinating article on the top ten most dangerous cities of 2013.  Check them out if you want a little entertainment, or go to

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