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Drawing Inspiration From My Dreams

Lately, I find myself having the most vivid dreams.  In fact, I swear some of them were bordering on lucid.  I was definitely controlling the events in my dreams – for example, I would be in a conversation and I would say something or embarassing, and I would literally go back in my dream and play out the scenario, but say something wittier (or at least something that appeared witty in my dream) – almost the same way you would if you were daydreaming.  Except at the time, I didn’t actually realize I was in a dream!

I’ve had real lucid dreams before, dreams where I realized during the dream I could control things and shape them to how I wanted.  I can actually remember the point where the images in my dreams start fading, where the images start losing their color and detail, and I realize that my thoughts are fading to blackness.

Here are some interesting facts about dreams that I have experienced recently.

  • When I approach lucidity, I like to switch my dreams to romantic scenarios.  Lots of kissing involved, sometimes more than that (wink wink).
  • I like to teleport when I’m lucid. One moment, I’ll be in some random dream scenario, then I’ll snap conscious, and decide to teleport to mars.  Or I’ll teleport to the top of Mount Everest, or the edge of a smoldering volcano.  Sometimes I’ll teleport back or forward in time, to the age of the dinosaurs, or to colonies on Rigel 7.
  • I’ve been waking up in the middle of them more, this means I’ve been able to remember them better.

I attribute some of the greater vividness of my dreams to my habit nowadays of chugging water before I sleep.  Something about holding in pee makes my dreams or vivid and makes lucidity occur more frequently.  Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me?


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