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Failing to get a job did not kill my dream for a career in cooking

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After I graduated from college in cookery, I was quite optimistic of finding a job very fast. I had performed very well in college and I was sure that my top performance would make me highly sought-after. I was however quite disappointed.

One month after the other passed without any acceptance letter coming my way. At first I had been every eager when any letter came in or when any phone call came through. However, as time passed I started slowly becoming pessimistic. I started realizing that I might have to wait for a long time.

I knew what the problem was. The problem lay with my approach in sending my applications. As it is, I have not travelled much and haven’t been out of the state in my entire life. I am also very close to my parents being the only child. Therefore, I did not want to move far away from home. I had a certain fear of the unknown and did not want to venture far off and mix with people and cultures that I was not familiar with. I wanted to be as close as possible to home.

This is why I had sent my job applications to only the places that were close to home. I had somehow been confident that I would be called up. However it seemed that there were simply no available vacancies.

As time went on, boredom started creeping in since I had all the time in the world with nothing much to do but to wait for my call up. I decided that I would have to do something to occupy my time. The only thing that I loved was cooking. I could not see myself working in any other line or job. Now that I had all the free time, I decided that I would do something in the field of cookery.

My home area does not have many eateries or diners apart from several fast food joints. I do not like food from fast foods and this had always bothered me since one could hardly find a decent eatery with proper food.

This is what led me to decide to have my own small eatery in the neighborhood. With the help of my parents I bought a few kitchen appliances such as some skillets and I was able to rent a strategic business premise. I also bought some furniture and decorated the room to my own taste.

I knew that I would get some good traffic of customers since there was a college nearby that had many students who would often eat in the fast food outlets due to lack of a better place to eat.

At first, the traffic was slow but it slowly started picking. After the first month, I introduced a special rice to the menu. I cooked the rice with an assortment of Indian spices. The popularity of my eatery shot up. I had to buy two more rice cookers to keep up with the high demand. I also had to get more seats to accommodate more and satisfy the flow of customers.

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