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Having Your First Child

If you’ve ever wondered “can i get pregnant on my period?“, well, the answer is that you certainly can. Actually, you’re probably not wondering that unless you’re a child yourself – it takes a certain naïveté to not realize that you can get pregnant anytime you have sex without contraception.

Having said that, the feelings you get when you find out you’re pregnant due to an unplanned pregnancy are drastically different than those you feel from a planned one (duh!). Even deciding when to tell people you are pregnant is a totally different exercise depending if the pregnancy was planned or unplanned. How long it takes you to come to terms with the idea depends a lot on your maturity – or your ability to mature quickly – when you find out that your whole world has changed. It also depends on the support system around you – luckily for me, I had the support of loving and nurturing parents who I knew would be there to catch me if I stumbled. I would imagine the journey would have been 10,000 times harder without them.

For me, it probably took until my baby’s first birthday party for me to realize how happy I was about my little “accident” (I say that with all the affection in the world). At that point, you’ve experienced so many highs and lows in from your pregnancy to delivery to raising a newborn with no fricken clue what you’re doing, that you’ve had a chance to really grow as a person.

I realize that for some parents, this day never comes. Some parents remain clueless, not ever realizing that they’re horrible parents, or not caring. For others, it might be holding their newborn in their arms for the first time. For others, it might be seeing their first ultrasound, or feeling the baby kick for the first time. Whatever it is, there’s something about the miracle of life that has a way of turning most parents around.

If you need more to ponder before having your first child, check out this list of 5 questions you need to ask yourself if you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to have a baby.

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