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Making friends in a strange town through a heated football debate

Making friends in a strange town through a heated football debate

I am new in my town. I have been here just a month since I came from Texas after I got my new job. I am happy to be here, it is a small town but I like the fact that it is a quieter town and people are friendlier. The environment is also less polluted and better with the wooded hills surrounding the well planned town. It is a pleasant town that has been able to maintain some of its original friendly customs founded by the pioneering immigrants whose families still live on in the lovely small town.

I love my new job. I have more challenges than I had in my old job and I am able to be more adventurous. I am now in a smaller younger company and I am able to exert my influence better. The pay is also much better.

Within the few days that I have been here in this town, I have already been able to make some friends. The first friends I was able to make were working colleagues. Usually, the first friends that people make in the workplace do not last. This is because many times first impressions lie.

In the workplace, many people are usually not sincere and hypocrisy is the order of the day. In the workplace many people are usually on a stage acting one role or another. Many times the intent is to give the other workmates, usually those in senior management positions, an impression of a great worker with all the likable characters.

Being that I was coming into this new job in a managerial position, albeit a junior management position, I could detect that some of the staff members were just trying to impress me by their cordial talk and their eagerness towards creating a friendly relationship.

I was able to make friends with some two guys from another department when without being uninvited I joined their table during lunch. They were having a heated debate about a football game that had been played over the weekend. The game had been very controversial and emotional. Being a sports enthusiast and a football fan, I dived into the conversation.

The two guys did not know who I was, all they cared for at the time was airing their views on the topic. This was quite alright with me. All through lunch we had a heated debate. As we were finishing off our lunch and having some cool fruit wine is when one of the guys asked me what company I was representing. Apparently they had all along thought that I was one of the many marketers from different companies who often visited the company.

I went on to tell them who I was and they were quite surprised. I was also surprised because they were both also in managerial positions although in a different department.

They were happy to take me on as a friend and they promised to help me to settle down and get familiar with the town.

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