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Spicing up the kayaking experience with new great fun recreational ideas

kayaking experiencePeople go kayaking for a number of reasons. There are those who do it for exercise, adventure, or as a form of recreation. Kayaking also offers a good platform for kayak fishing. Kayaks are also used for transportation.

Sometimes kayaking can be monotonous, especially when an individual has only a few activities they can participate in. One can also get bored by just paddling the usual river, lake or ocean bay. However, combining kayaking with several other activities can add some thrill and freshen up the whole kayaking experience.

Photography is one of the activities a kayaker can engage in to add fun to their kayaking activities. A single photograph can speak a thousand words. Furthermore, photographs can record events which an individual can use to remind themselves of their past life.

One doesn’t need to have the photographer’s eye and talent to enjoy photography on the waters. Whether the kayaker is a professional photographer or an amateur, he can use his kayaking skills to get some unique photo shots of real time incidences during a kayaking holiday trip.

Kayaks give photographers access to hard-to-reach areas due to their slender shapes and ability to float on shallow waters. Some of these photographs can fetch good amounts especially when sold to nature enthusiasts.

Fishing is another common activity that can be combined with kayaking to spice up the kayaking experience. Sport fishing has become popular in the recent past as an outdoor activity. Fishing kayaks gives anglers the opportunity to access hard to reach fishing spots.

Unlike motorised vessels, kayaks are self-powered and therefore don’t scare away fish from their grounds. Specially designed fishing kayaks are extremely stable on waters. As such, they can be used by skilled and novice anglers. Fishing kayaks also have large storage space for fishing equipment and other gear.

With the right fishing equipment, kayakers can practice different fishing styles from a kayak. There are different types of fishing equipment suitable for use in salt waters and fresh water lakes, rivers and ponds. There are also fishing equipment suitable for smaller fish and other for big fish. Different fishing materials are made of different materials and of different quality.

Kayaking offers a great opportunity for bird watching and wild life viewing. Just like in fishing, kayaks don’t scare aware wild animals and birds from their natural environment. Depending on location, a kayaker might be lucky to see deer, moose, bears, whales, pelicans and other types of animals in their natural environment.

Kayaking is a great avenue for meditation. For efficient meditation, the body, mind and soul need to be at peace. The rhythm of the strokes and bubbling of the water brings some inner peace that is great for meditation. A kayaker might get tired by the end of paddling trip but they will also have refreshed their bodies and minds from their daily hustles.

Some kayaks are designed for paddling by two people. This types of kayaks are known as tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaking is great especially for picnics and fishing. For kayakers with families and partners, they can use tandem kayaking to strengthen their relationships while adding fun to their kayaking activities.

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