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The changing trends of the modern day and its health implications

The changing trends of the modern day and its health implications

The lifestyles of people are changing day by day due to a continual change in the way we approach life. As it is, advancement in technology and science is the foremost reason why our lifestyles have changed so drastically. The lifestyle of the modern man is very different from the lifestyle that man had about three hundred years ago. Things have changed considerably.

Lifestyle is usually dictated by the vital things that we have to do day to day so as to survive. Usually this involves the activities of finding food, finding shelter, clothing, security, raising a family, and living harmoniously with other people in the community. Today, many of these vital needs for survival are readily available but focus has changed to how to make life more comfortable.

With the changes in how things are done in the world, and with technology taking over a lot of things, focus is now on maximum production. Human beings are now in a race to produce much more than before. Due to this, man is working many more hours than before.

A lot of man’s attention today is on working more to earn more. To afford to pay the constant bills and to be able to meet other basic needs, man today has to put in more working hours than before. Many people are having to work more than one job so as to make ends meet.

Despite the need to produce more, man is not being able to feed his body any better. The diet of the modern day man is terrible. Today man is feeding more on processed foods that are usually deprived of healthy nutrients necessary for the good health of the body. The processed foods are not only in the stores, man is also making the foods at home, today there are implements that can be used to make ice cream at home, people can bake all kinds of pastries from their homes, and all other kinds of unhealthy foods.

The unhealthy food that makes people have poor health are usually more appealing due to their taste. The foods are much tastier mostly due to their high sugar and fat content. Some of the foods are also spiced with detrimental spices such as salt, and other spices that might affect the body negatively.

Due to ingesting a lot of these unhealthy diets, many people are now developing negative effects such as gaining excessive weight. This is a common problem across the world that has made people start thinking twice about what kind of food they are taking in. This is because excessive body weight is a condition that can lead to many problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and circulatory problems.

To control their body weight, people are turning to various means of body weight control including the use of calorie counter watches. These are gadgets worn on the wrist and they help to inform the wearer of the number of calories they are burning during exercise and they can also help determine how many calories are consumed in a meal.

The changing trends of the modern day and its health implications Credit Picture License: full tilt jousting via photopin cc

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