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Travelling around the world and sampling various cuisines

various cuisines

I love travelling. This is my foremost hobby. I wish I could be able to travel all year round. Unfortunately, I am restricted to a few weeks in a year which is during my vacation. When time comes for vacation, I usually have already planned where to visit and have made all the necessary arrangements. Luckily, my wife is also an enthusiast of travel. Travelling together with her makes it very interesting and a time to always look forward to.

In my travels I have been able to travel to many places around the world. I have visited all the continents and have visited many countries. During my travels, there are many things that fascinate me. Top on the list is wildlife.

I love seeing new and strange wild animals. I am amazed at their beauty and the vast discrepancies in animals in different regions around the world. I love to view the wild animals in their natural habitat and not in the zoos where I feel that they are oppressed and it makes me sad instead of delighting me. I especially love to see the wild animal hunts such as the ferocious lion and hyena hunts that I witnessed in Kenya, Africa.

I also love viewing and experiencing the cultures of people in different parts of the world. I love seeing how people make a living and how their social lives are conducted. In doing this, one of the most important things that I do is sample the cuisine.

I love food. When I am out on vacation, I make sure that I have sampled as much as possible of the food from different cultures. Many times I stumble across very strange foods. At times I end up eating horribly tasting foods such as the time when I visited Mexico and decided to eat some food that had tamales. I had eaten hot spicy food before including some Indian cuisine but I was not ready for what I got in them tamales.

Many times however I am able to come across quite tasty food. During the last trip in Israel, my wife and I had been hosted by an Israeli family that had served us with some very tasty hummus. We had loved the food so much that my wife had to extend the stay by one day so that she could learn how to prepare the hummus in the same way. We continually reap the rewards of that visit up to today.

In every part of the world, people have different kinds of food. The culture of the people is usually very much associated with their food. The foods cooked by different communities are usually foods made with recipes that have been passed down many years with adjustments being made to make the food better.

In almost every place we visit around the world, there are also some outlets that deal in American food to satisfy the tourist who happens to be missing some food from home. In many facilities around the world, you will also see the popular expresso coffee machine used to quench the thirst of caffeine lovers from western countries.

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